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Music Video Review: “B’s + H’s” by Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko has surprised everyone by releasing official music video for her ‘boy bashing’ jam that we’d almost forgotten – “B’s + H’s”. She premiered this song back in January on radio and it seems like it’s been a year since it came out. She released the music video on VEVO.

The music video, directed by Topshelf Junior, is low-budget video that has really low production standard. Nevertheless, Jhene Aiko looks gorgeous in both her roles in the video. The video doesn’t have any story as such but still it manages to deliver the message through Jhene’s attitude.

Jhene is seen wearing a blue jacket in her ‘gansta’ role. She looks beautiful in that jacket. Later in the video, she wears a flowery dress and she looks even more beautiful. She moves around like a true Queen. Her attitude is so cool that you get the message that is trying to convey. You can watch the music video below.

Watch “B’s + H’s” by Jhene Aiko

Post Author: David Watt