Music Video Review: “Around The World” by Natalie La Rose

Natalie La Rose has premiered a new music video for her latest single “Around the World”. This is a follow up music video to her Whitney-Houston-sampling “Somebody”. This music video is produced by Max Martin and it was released on VEVO. The Fetty Wap-assisted R&B single “Around the World” will be included in her debut album, which will hit the stores later this year. The album will be released through Republic Records.

Although “Around the World” is a lovely single that will generate some buzz on the radio and its video has all the ingredients to be successful, the single isn’t as strong as was “Somebody”. If she had released a follow up single as strong as was “Somebody”, she could have had cemented her career in the US. As it looks for now, Natalie will have to wait for another track to do well in the US market before she could eventually claim to start a solid career here. It looks as if Natalie should have waited and only followed up her single “Somebody” once she had recorded a single she could confidently push higher than “Somebody”. But this is not the case and it looks as if Natalie has rushed her second single.

“Around the World” music video shows Natalie being a waitress at an exotic restaurant. This restaurant is located somewhere in the Caribbean. A customer drops his passport in the restaurant as he rushes out from the restaurant annoyed about something. Natalie picks up the passport, looks at all the destinations that the owner of the passport had travelled and imagines herself visiting all those destinations. Watch the music video below and don’t forget to leave your comments.

Watch Music Video “Around the World” by Natalie La Rose

Post Author: David Watt