Music Video: “Ghosttown” by Madonna

Madonna is following up her music video for “Living For You” by releasing video for “Ghosttown”. This new music video was released on Meerkat, which is a live streaming app. This app has been creating a lot of buzz recently and probably that’s the reason Madonna preferred it for releasing her new music video. She released her previous video on Snapchat.

As we already know that Madonna is the innovator who never gets old, boring or repetitive. For her new music video, she has thought of going ‘nuclear’. She survives a nuclear explosion in the clip and then wanders around her studio apartment where there is nothing but fire-razed landscape. She is probably the last person on earth who somehow survived the explosion. We see a rat, a tarantula and a mutated wolf in the video that indicates that there aren’t probably any other humans. But it’s not to be like that. Madonna has some company. She meets another human (Terrence Howard) who already has her locked in the sight of her assault rifle before she identifies him. But instead of shooting her, Terrence relaxes his nerves and talks to the girl who is probably the only other person left on earth. Both becomes friends and the story progresses as they discover another human who survived the apocalypse.

For a fact, we know that Madonna’s almost all hit videos include awesome and intricate discography but this one misses on that trick. Let’s see if this apocalypse-style video gets her closer to her outrageously choreographed hit music videos. You can watch the video below.

Watch “Ghosttown” by Madonna

Post Author: David Watt