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Music video: “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” by Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne has recently premièred music video for her new and hit single “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”. Jess Glynne has already gathered a lot of following and many are dubbing her as the new pop queen on UK. With this track making it big on radio and charts, it will be her fifth big hit and number one track in the UK.

Jess Glynne is doing some really good music. She has already blessed us with 4 top hits and now here is the fifth one. She is planning to release her debut album “I Cry When I Laugh” in the coming month. If you haven’t listened to her before, this will be your time to grab a copy of best pop album in the UK, filled with at least five number one hits. We are sure there will be even more number one worthy hits but only time will tell if she can generate massive album sales or not.

The track “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” is an inspiring song that tells us to take it easy and let yourself breathe. The track tells us story of a young black kid who has many issues, especially with his family and his ego. The song tells the boy to let go these problems and take it easy on himself. As a result, he finds his courage, which helps him to finally find inner peace. The music video shows Jess in some US city in the black neighbourhood. She is looking stunning in the video with her fantastic yet fierce red hair.

Watch Music Video “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” by Jess Glynne

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz