Music News: Justin Bieber Punched his Fan on the Face

Something just happened last night when Justin Bieber was making his way into the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona by his car last night on November 22nd, 2016. He was there to perform a concert from his “Purpose World Tour” plan. A fan who was so overexcited to see Justin Bieber rushed towards his car and tried to touch him.

But, what he received as a response? A punch right in the face and making him bleed. Justin Bieber is really going through anxiety and stress. I think he’s some serious issues with his personal life. Probably, relationship with Sofia Richie isn’t working. We don’t know! He’s shown some real aggressive behavior lately on his concert where he went off the stage on fan booing.

It is different this time as he went physical with his anxiety and stress. Let’s say that the fan was being overexcited to go forward and touch him like that. But, as a celebrity, you must realize that it’s their love towards you. They admire and endorse your success and more importantly, excited to see you in their hometown.

He could have just pushed his arm out by grabbing. He must have tried something other than being physical. Watch the video and see how the fan is so shocked or sad being punched by his favorite music artist.

Watch: Justin Bieber punching a fan on his face who tried to touch him

Post Author: David Watt