Music: Macklemore Announces his LP and It Features Kesha

Macklemore recently announced tracklist for his LP “Gemini”. This news came out on August 22 and it includes a huge surprise for fans. One of the songs on the album title d”Good Old Day” features Kesha. It’s not the only feature on the album but it’s the one that’s been making the most headlines.

Kesha lends her vocals to the song “Good Old Days”. I’m sure with Kesha featuring on this song, it is going to turn into a massive hit. It’s already generating a lot of interest from the fans across the internet, which is a clear sign that this song has a huge future.

Although some fans couldn’t guess this collaboration, others had the idea that Macklemore album might have something from Kesha. Why? Because Kesha and Macklemore are buddies and it’s the time when Kesha is looking to make a comeback. What could’ve been better than collaborating with her friends from the music industry?

As I mentioned earlier, this is not the only feature from Macklemore’s sophomore LP. There are other features to feel excited as well. For example, you will hear the violin queen Skylar Grey in one of the songs on the album. Similarly, you will enjoy Lil Yachty, Eric Naily, Dan Caplen, Abir, Dave B, Travis Thompson, and Sain Claire featuring on this album. If you look at the entire tracklist from this album, you will notice instantly that Macklemore has included only one song where the rapper doesn’t have anyone featuring.

Post Author: David Watt