Mesa Sinaga

Mesa Sinaga

Mesa Sinaga

Genre: Indie Rock

Bio: It all started back when I was a little kid, basically I grew up with the sound of The Beatles around my ear, my mom and dad listens to their music almost everywhere, in the car on a trip, the living room, etc. But the first time I picked myself a guitar it was in junior high, it belongs to my cousin Okky (R.I.P a loving brother), if I’m not mistaken it was an Oasis or Green Day song that he taught me the chords, and I got hooked with music and mostly I used to think that it was cool to play in a band really. But I left it all until back in high school I began to play guitar again and accidentally wrote something silly that turned into a song, so I thought its not bad really and I like it, so it triggered me to write more of it. Until in college iImet some friends who liked the same kind of music that I’m into, there was Daniel, Sada, Jijay, and Soma. So we made a band called Intruders, but it didn’t last long before I met Ande, and when Daniel split we made a new band called Holy City Rollers. Its a rock and roll band based on the influences of The Beatles, The Strokes, The Libertines, etc. We became good friends as we played together all the music that we made, and we did an album together called “first chapter of allordia” and mini album “old page new numbers”, and there might be a sequel if things work out as planned I guess. After that I played music with Atta, Bagas, TJ, and we called ourself beatnikk. We almost made an album together but things doesn’t work so well so we called it off at the time. And now i’m doing my solo project with the help from Mr Donny Suhendra, a jazz musician, a well known great guitarist, and a cool old gaffer to me really. It was fun doing music and I will be doing it for a quite long time.





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