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Meghan Trainor is on a roll with success of her debut LP


If you’ve been following new music long enough, you’d know the fact that new artists do score a few hits at the beginning of their career. It’s nothing unusual. Nevertheless, taking that momentary success to meaningful album sales hasn’t been that easy for these new artists. But despite these inherent problems, Meghan Trainor has managed to convert her “All About That Bass” success into a successful debut LP titled “Title”. The album has hit the Billboard 200 chart for album sales during the first week of release. So far the album has sold over 200,000 copies and it is trending to sell even more.

Even though these numbers are great, they might not tell the real story about Meghan success with her debut LP as Billboard also counts track sales and streams as well. This means that this number could possibly include individual track sales and that could be hugely influenced by downloads and streams of hit track “All About That Bass”. But anyway Meghan’s fans can be happy about the fact that the diva is planning big and that will mean a lot more good music coming out in future as well. The 21-year old diva is definitely not a few-hit star.





Post Author: David Watt