Matt Bellamy says ‘The 2nd Law’ is a ‘diverse’ album

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has said the bands new album The 2nd Law is ‘very very diverse’. In an interview today with Radio 1, Matt said:

“We’ve tried a bunch of new things, which the trailer gives a glimpse of. There’s only one song that’s like that. We’ve basically tried to do what Rage Against The Machine did with hip-hop in the 1990s and take a bit of the electronic world and dubstep and play it with real instruments. There’s only one track like that, the rest of it is very very diverse.”

Here’s the dubstep-featuring trailer he’s referring to:

The ‘diversity’ doesn’t stop with just dubstep though, Bellamy also said there’s a bit of brass and jazz going on in The 2nd Law, as well as a sax solo!

Muse released a new song from the album yesterday, which has been confirmed as the official London 2012 Olympics song, which is nice for them. Listen to ‘Survival’.

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