Mario, Music Video, “Care For You”. Watch Here:

The American singer, songwriter and actor, “Mario Dewar Barrett” who is known mononymously as, “Mario” has shared a new music video for his song, “Care For You” directed by Khufu Najee.

The song, “Care For You” was co-written by Mario with “Felisha King”, “Jake Gosling”, and “Jackson Dimiglio-Wood”. It is a part of the American singer’s fifth studio album called, “Dancing Shadows”. The album was released back in October 2018.

The music video is a rollercoaster of emotions, and exactly portrays the lyrics of the song. It sees a mother raising her child, who of course care for him very much. It also features Mario singing the song.

Watch the music video to Mario’s song, “Care For You”:

The American singer shared his views about this new music video when he said, “Expression is a gift that is sometimes drowned out by life’s obstacles. That’s why the message of self-love and healing behind “Care for You” is so important to me”.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer