Mariah Carey Song,”The Distance”. Listen Now:

The American Singer and Songwriter, “Mariah Carey” is known for her vocals and has been referred to as the,”Songbird Superme” by Guinness World Records. Of Course for a reason.

Mariah has come up with a new song titled, “The Distance”. It was premiered on digital platfporms today and along with the song the pre-order is launched for his upcoming album, “Caution”. According to the pre-order the LP will feature 10 tracks . This new song, “The Distance” will also appear on the album.

The Distance is a R&B song which has guest appearance from the American Rapper, “Ty Dolla Sign”. I like this song but i want to be honest with you. This song has slightly failed to make me go crazy. This is not what i was expecting from the American singer. The melody does not excite me that much.

But, I must say.. The Vocals-Queen, “Mariah” has uttered soulful vocals. That’s all i love about this song. Well, this song is about a couple, who just want to live their moment without caring what other’s say. Look at some of the lyrics, “Ain’t nobody stopping us, what we have is dangerous, left they opinions in the dust, Said can’t nobody fuck with us, they’ll never find a way to make us fade away, Our love won’t fade away (no)”.

Stream Mariah Carey’s “The Distance”:

Post Author: David Watt