Madison Beer Announces Her New Single

Madison Beer is among the top talents that Scooter Braun has decided to turn into super stars. Madison, who is known for her single “Melodies” is only 16-year old and she is already popular on social media. She has a good management team and she’s talented – things she’s going to need to become really famous, especially with kingmaker Scooter Braun on her side.

The good news is that Madison Beer isn’t going away and she wants to prove that she isn’t just a one-hit-wonder diva. On December 18, she announced her new single “Something Sweet” that she plans on dropping any time this year. She tweeted some lyrics from the track. Since Christmas is around the corner, chances are that Madison will drop this new single prior to the holidays. It’s a good time for a new artist to send out a ‘buzz’ single to see how people respond when they are already hooked to her on social media.

Madison Beer had good 2015. She worked with Mako for her dance number “I won’t let you walk away” and released “All For Love”. The latter was a really good pop song and it could become the best pop song from a teenager in this year. Now it’s probably time that Madison Beer launches a massive hit and gets recognized as the ultimate teenage star.

Post Author: David Watt