Turin Brakes

Listen: Turin Brakes Single ‘Blindsided Again’

Back in the day I used to love Turin Brakes, but as the 00’s progressed I kind of lost touch with them. They’ve popped up back on my radar today though with the premiere of new single ‘Blindsided Again’, which is taken from their upcoming new album We Were Here.

Within a minute of listening to ‘Blindsided Again’ I was back in love with the duo, with Gale’s lilting guitars and Olly’s vocals taking me straight back to 2001 and The Optimist LP. The single also has a welcome prog-rock edge to it, which helps to position it away from the middling folksy stuff they were doing in the mid-00’s.

Listen to it below and let me know what you think:

We Were here is Turin Brakes’ fifth studio album and is set for release on 8 October

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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