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Listen to “You Owe Me” by The Chainsmokers [SNIPPET]

The Chainsmokers have given us a quick snippet of their new and upcoming single “You Owe Me”. This new single came after the band released failed to hit it big with “Sick Boy”. It was their last single that didn’t do good on charts like their earlier songs. Nevertheless, the band has made a really strong comeback with “You Owe Me” as you will agree even though all we can listen to is a short snippet. But isn’t that enough to tell us that we got a big hit coming from The Chainsmokers? Not only that, but it also indicates that the duo is working hard to continue giving us new songs even when some of their songs don’t do good. That’s a positive sign and an indication that the band wants to move forward from being a breakout hit band. It means a lot of new and exciting music from the band in 2018. Isn’t that exciting?

The new single that the band is preparing to roll out titled “You Owe Me” will be coming out today, on February 16th. It means you have only a few hours to listen to this snippet and then you will have the full audio that you can listen.

The band previewed their new single on Valentine’s Day. They were on the social media throughout the day, talking to their fans about the holiday. To help their fans feel-good, they also gave them this snippet of their new song. I wish them all the luck for success with their new album. I hope they will a few chart-topping songs in there as well. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for more exciting and instant music from the duo in 2018. Listen “You Owe Me” snippet below.

Listen to a snippet of “You Owe Me” by The Chainsmokers

Post Author: David Watt