Listen to Two Singles by Lykke Li – Announces New LP

Lykke Li has announced her fourth LP. It’s a surprise as no one could really guess about this progress. The Swedish singer surprised her fans further by dropping two new singles from this album along with the announcement. The LP is titled “So Sad So Sexy” and it contains 10 songs. It will come out via RCA Records in June. Fans are already loving both the new tracks and the news that they will soon have the album that they have been waiting for since 2014. Lykke’s last album “I Never Learn” was released in 2014 and she has offered her fans nothing ever since.

The tracks she shared are titled “Hard Rain” and “Deep End”. “Hard Rain” is produced by Rostam Batmanglij while the other single “Deep End” is a production by Jeff Bhasker. Both the singles have deep layered lyrics with productions soaring between pop and indie genres. Both the tracks are eternally beautiful and it would be difficult to pick one as a clear favorite. You can check the complete tracklist of her album below and then listen to both the songs afterwards.

Full Tracklist

  1. Hard rain
  2. Deep end
  3. Two nights
  4. Last piece
  5. Jaguars in the air
  6. Sex money feelings die
  7. So sad so sexy
  8. Better alone
  9. Bad woman
  10. Utopia

Listen to “Hard Rain” by Lyyke Li

Listen to “Deep End” by by Lyyke Li


Post Author: David Watt