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Listen to Song “Let It Be” by Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko is one of the upcoming stars to watch this year. She started 2018 on a high note with “Curious”. It soon became a hit and encouraged the uprising star to give us more new music this year. She announced her debut album “Expectations”. Now she is giving us a new song titled “Let It Be” and it seems like a fresh stunner already. Is it going to be Hayley’s year?

“Let It Be” is a song where Hayley asks her lover to call it quits. It’s because they have tried and failed to fix their relationship. Instead of continuing an unhappy and messy relationship, Hayley wants her lover to ‘let it be’. She isn’t in a hurry as she tells her lover to ‘calm me down, let me see you’ in the opening lines. She still loves him but she also knows the reality, which makes it obvious that they can’t be together happily. It’s sad and yet powerful.

As of what we have heard from Hayley Kiyoko so far, it’s clear that her debut album “Expectations” is going to be a top album this year when it finally comes out. With the way things are going, I’m pretty confident that we are going to get Hayley’s album in time. She hasn’t shown any tendency to delay her projects neither she enjoys making fans wait.

Listen to “Let It Be” below and make sure you come back later for more on Hayley. I’ve no doubt that she will give us another song from her album before the final release date. You can also pre-order her album as of now. So go ahead and place your order now.

Listen to “Let It Be” by Hayley Kiyoko


Post Author: David Watt