Listen To “Con Altura” by Rosalia Ft. J Balvin

Rosalia, the undisputed Queen of Spain, dropped a new song and it’s fire. The track is titled “Con Altura” and it features J Balvin. Unlike what we have heard from the Spanish queen so far, this track is upbeat trap-pop song.

It’s a catchy track and J Balvin has played his part in making it even better. With one collaboration between the stars already loved by the fans and now this one destined to be a hit, we’re sure Rosalia and J Balvin will give us more hits in the near future.

With this change in genre, Rosalia has taken a gamble that may pay really well as she has opened up to newer audience. Now more people will know her name and with the kind of talent that she is, we’re sure she won’t disappoint any of these new fans. We hope her journey to the mainstream music will be a rewarding one, both for her fans and herself as an artist. Give her new song a listen below.

Listen to ‘Con Altura’ by Rosalia ft. J Balvin

Post Author: David Watt