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Listen to “Love” by Lana Del Rey + Review

Lana Del Rey has premiered a new song titled “Love”. Lana and her label did everything to create a bit of an environment to launch this new single but unfortunately, the majority of people had no idea what was going with these posters of ‘Love’ appearing everywhere.

A lot of people thought that the artwork on walls is probably an indicator of a new movie. Others thought that it could be some new album. But no one probably realized that it was a new single by Lana Del Rey.

This new single will be the lead single from sexy Lana’s upcoming fifth studio album. The song was released on all digital platform to ensure that everyone gets a chance to listen to the song. Lana also uploaded an audio video on YouTube.

Talking about this song and the album, Lana was quick to point out that this fifth album is for her fans. She told her fans that she made the first four albums for herself, to satisfy her creative inner self. However, the fifth album has a different motivation. It’s an album for the fans who have been supporting Lana through thick and thin.

When you listen to “Love” by Lana Del Rey, you will immediately notice that its a great song. It’s a ballad that connects with your soul and takes over your emotional feelings when it hits the bridge. It’s really cool and you will love putting the song on rewind.

Listen to “Love” by Lana Del Rey

Post Author: David Watt