Listen To “Barcelona” By Max George {Review + Music Video}

Max George has given us the first taste of his solo career. The first track called “Barcelona” is here and it finally brings Max back to music after a hiatus of four long years with The Wanted. The good thing is that these four years were not without a purpose. Max worked on various projects during this time as he explored his talents in acting and adventure.

Now that he is back to the music scene, let’s talk about what he has to offer to fans. It’s his first solo track “Barcelona”. This breezy pop track is all about holidays, fun, and romance. Are we finally hearing how life treated Max during these four years? I’m sure this track is his expression and serves as his journal on life during these years. In the song, Max sings about finding love and holding on to it.

Steve Mac produced this song for Max. Steve already knows how breezy pop productions work with his “Shape of You” and “2002” productions that went on to become massive hits. This new track “Barcelona” isn’t different from those tracks in essence and quality. It’s instantly catchy and sticks to your memories with its fresher and sharper production. Listen to this amazing new track below.


Watch Music Video “Barcelona” by Max George

Post Author: David Watt