Listen to Adam Lambert’s Comeback Single “Ghost Town”

Adam Lambert is preparing to make a comeback with his single “Ghost Town”. The track features uncontrollable crying and shaking that may make you somewhat uncomfortable. But that sounds somewhat justified as we know Adam was one of the fiercest American Idol contestant and everyone who has been following him would expect him singing this way. However, he has definitely reduced some of the uncontrolled noise this time around as you can easily listen his singing in the background. Upfront you will listen to a spooky voice effect coupled with some regular guitar strings. Despite all that, this snippet looks more like a hit than anything else.

The original snippet that we heard from Adam Lambert was something a little different with a swooping dominating synths. At that time anyone who listened to the snippet thought this new track is going to be a huge dance anthem. However, this version now makes it obvious that it is a dance/acoustic hybrid that resembles Avicii’s “Hey Brother” in a lot of ways. Max Martin-produced anthem will be Adam Lambert’s first single after 2012’s “Trespassing” and it sounds good. As claimed by the 33 year old singer himself, this track is definitely Adam’s perfect intro to his third LP titled “The Original High”.

Listen to Preview of Adam Lambert’s “Ghost Town”

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Post Author: David Watt