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Listen to 2 NEW songs from Harry Styles – Debuted in a live concert

Harry Styles has premiered two new songs during his “Live On Tour”. The new songs by One Direction star feel like new material from his upcoming solo debut album. It was a perfect time for Harry Styles to debut his new songs since he was performing in front of a huge crowd as he restarted his tour for 2018. The concert was in Switzerland in a very popular arena so Harry decided to give his fans a surprise. So, he didn’t only premiere one song but gave us two new songs. Now that’s called a proper gift for all those fans who came to watch Harry live.

When you listen to the new songs that Harry released, you know they are going to become popular with the fans. Both the songs have a rock feel about them. In the first song “Anna”, Harry talks about his woman and explains how much he loves her. In the other song titled “Medicine”, Harry is singing about oral sex.

Although the original setlist for the tour was different, Harry has already announced the changes in this year’s setlist. However, he never announced that he will be adding new songs in the setlist. Despite that, he decided to give us new material and surprise everyone. The songs that he debuted are titled “Anna” and “Medicine”. You can listen to these two songs below at the end of this post.

Listen to “Medicine” by Harry Styles

Listen to “Anna” by Harry Styles

Post Author: David Watt