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Lil Wayne embarrasses himself in Italy – [VIDEO]

Lil Wayne was in Milan, Italy performing as a surprise package for Phillip Plein’s guests during a fashion show at the famous Milan Fashion Week earlier this week when he choose to throw away his mic and storm off stage.

There are two explanations to this – one that’s been circulating on the internet after TMZ posted a video while the other one is the version that Lil Wayne’s representative has put forward. According to the way it’s going all over the internet, the rapper was furious over the crowd for not ‘responding’ to his performance. While the rapper’s representatives claim that there were technical issues with the equipment and Wayne was frustrated over the mic that stopped working. It’s up to you to decide what to believe but it seems appropriate to assume that the first version seems the right one.

Lil Wayne left his performance and hasn’t announced anything about the future shows of his tour. Instead, he has posted an encrypted message on Twitter that displays two smilies, one with a thermometer in it’s mouth and the other one with a bandage on its head. That means he is now posing as sick. Probably that’s all he has to explain to his fans and all the people that gathered at the show – he is ill. There is no sorry or nothing.

Watch Lil Wayne throwing his mic and storming off the stage during his performance in Milan, Italy

Post Author: David Watt