Liam Payne-First Time

Liam Payne’s Much Awaited EP, ”First time” is Out Now.

The British Singer “Liam Payne” announced that the release of his solo album was delayed and he also said that he would release an EP on August 24th.

Liam Payne delayed the release of the album because he wanted his first album to represent him completely and he felt that some of the already recorded songs were not about him anymore and they did not represent him anymore. He wanted his first album to connect with him completely.

But Liam has brought something to his fans that they can cheer about. The EP has arrived. It is a 4 songs project which includes, “First Time”, “Home With You”, “Depend On it” and “Slow”.

Liam Payne has collaborated with the American rapper, “French Montana” for the first single of this EP, “First Time”.  French Montana is the only guest who has participated in this solo EP.

“Home With You” is a beautiful romantic song in which Liam is asking his loved once to find some quiet place. While “Depend On it ” is an emotional piano ballad.

The lyrics of the last song, ”Slow” are heart breaking. You will find Liam singing “Though this is done, I will turn a blind eye. Don’t tell me goodnight, Cause it means goodbye”.

Stream All 4 songs Of Liam Payne’s Solo EP

Post Author: David Watt