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Kelly Clarkson Delivers Amazing Performance on The Today Show – [Videos Included]

Kelly Clarkson is a gem of a vocalist and no one has any doubt about that. She proved it once again on The Today Show when she absolutely slayed two songs “It’s Quiet Uptown” and “White Christmas”. Her performance was so strong that everyone has been talking about it ever since the TODAY Show.

Kelly, who was missing from the music scene after birth of her second baby, seems to be making it back now. During this time, she wrote a book and appeared publically at a TV event. Other than that, no one saw or heard a thing from her. It was the time that she needed to devote to her newborn. But now, with the baby growing up, she can finally come back to the public scene.

To break the ice, she appeared on The Today Show and performed two songs, each performance reminding us of the talent that the Original American Idol has got.

Kelly didn’t just time her performance perfectly, considering the Christmas is around the corner, she also selected the songs intellegently. She first performed “It’s Quiet Uptown” – a song from The Hamilton Mixtape featuring herself. She followed it up with the cover of “White Christmas” – the cover being in her Christmas album already. The album came out in 2013 but it can still do wonders for her, especially when there isn’t a lot of new music on this Christmas. Now that’s not a coincident but RCA is actually trying to help Kelly sell more of this album. They recently announced new lower price for the album.

Her performance clearly indicates that Kelly’s era isn’t over. She can still slay the songs and that’s what makes me excited about her upcoming album. I’m sure it will be good, something that will finally give us the best of Kelly Clarkson. This new album will come out via Atlantic Records.

Watch Kelly Clarkson perform “It’s Quiet Uptown” and “White Christmas”

Post Author: David Watt