Justin Bieber Song “California Cruisin” – listen before it NOW

There is a good news for all Justin Bieber fans. A new Bieber song titled “California Cruisin” has made it to the internet and no one has heard this song before. This is a certified fresh but it won’t be making it to his upcoming fourth studio album – at least that is what we can think of after listening to the track. Also there is no news from Bieber about this track being on the album.

The track is leaked on the internet but it isn’t a clean song. You will have to live with the audio watermark that leaker has put on this 2-minute long song. I don’t know why people still put audio watermarks like back in 2000s but anyway you can listen and get a feel of Bieber’s new song. The track surfaced online on Friday and you can listen is below.

The song “California Cruisin” isn’t radio-friendly and probably won’t be playing on radio at all. It looks more like some side project that Bieber is doing for fun. Anyway, the song is about Bieber’s love and appreciation for California. He sings about how much he enjoys while cruising in his luxury cars in streets of the city as air hits his hair. The song sounds more like a retro mix from 90s.

The only thing fans are hoping after listening to this song is that Bieber’s next album isn’t anything like this. The song has some good moments but it’s a weak track overall.

Listen to “California Cruisin” by Justin Bieber


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz