Jennifer Lopez Shoots Music Video For “Ni Tu Ni Yo”

Jennifer Lopez is working on her next single. She is now shooting a music video for the song “Ni Tu Ni Yo”, which will be her next single. She was spotted shooting the MV with Gente De Zona.

This news is a happy news for anyone who wants to see J-Lo’s next album out soon. With the kind of progress she’s making, it’s clear that the new Spanish album will hit the stores soon.

Gente de Zona, who is seen on the set of the new music video, is a Cuban reggaeton duo. They have already contributed to Enrique Iglesias’s “Bailando”. The song turned out to be a massive hit and that’s what helped the duo work with Jennifer Lopez.

The news is out that Jennifer Lopez will be releasing this single in a week or so. With the single, the video will also come out – something that might excite fans and they may find it easier to wait for the album to come out with the visuals.

She was seen in a desert location while shooting the video. It means you will see some desert in the music video for sure. I’m thinking of a theme where J-Lo will be dancing in the desert, with sand in the background.

Watch Jennifer Lopez shooting MV for “Ni Tu Ni Yo” – Her New Single

Post Author: David Watt