Janet Jackson Premieres New LATIN Version of her song, “Made For Now”. Stream:

Janet Jackson knows how badly her last released single, “Made For know” failed to get much on the charts. Truth is, the song didn’t even make it to top 10 on the Billboard top 100.

The American singer does not want the song to be ignored and here she comes again to release a new Latin version. Janet and the Puerto Rican singer and songwriter are up again with a new remix version of the song, “Made For Now”.

Oh, Janet! We need that urban beats from you. I miss her with that back to back hits. I think she should have had moved on. Why is she even trying to get something out of this song Made For Now?

By the way, truth be told. This new version has got something into it. Although, it comes with the same lyrics but just they pronounced them in Spanish. In my humble opinion, Daddy Yankee has done better in this new version than the old original version.

What about Janet? well, she was already good. But she sounds pretty cute in Spanish. Yeah, that is all I love about this new version.

Listen To The Janet Jakson’s, “Made For Now(Latin Version)”:

Again, this new version is much better than the old one, she should have shared it before, sometime after release of the original version. maybe?



Post Author: David Watt