Janalynn Castelino

Janalynn Castelino Releases Enchanting Italian-Folk Single “Bella Ci Dormi”

Versatile artist and multilingual singer-songwriter Janalynn Castelino released her dreamy Italian-Folk single “Bella Ci Dormi”.  Her unique voice is characterized by high-pitched vocals that brilliantly retain textures of mellow. The much popular and romantically sensational track finds its roots in Southern Italian folk culture. Janalynn has interpreted the song with her remarkable vocals, infusing it with freshness and an exuberant rush of harmonic energy. 

Her single outlines the story of romance, passion and melancholy between a male lover and his beloved woman. Musically, the track is flooded with vibrant harmonies and layered vocal notations delivered in Janalynn’s voice. It also displays a pronounced effect of traditional instruments like accordion, mandolin, tammorra accompanied by a variety of guitar flights and a twist of modern bass drums.

Watch Janalynn Castelino and her music video now:

Being delivered lyrically in Italian, “Bella Ci Dormi” can be translated in English as “Beautiful is Sleeping”.  The song connects deeply with its listeners, especially the ones with an affinity towards traditional and folk-induced pop genres. The 24-year-old artist and doctor has garnered a fan following of millions across her social media. Till date, Dr. Janalynn is known to have recorded in over a dozen languages. The Italian-Indian singer wants to give her listeners a musical space to relate to, irrespective of the cultural grounds that they come from.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer