Interpol collaborating with David Lynch for Coachella webcast…

interpol-gig-live Interpol’s set at Coachella tonight (16 April) will feature a collaboration with acclaimed film director David Lynch, and will be broadcast live via the festivals dedicated YouTube channel.

A statement on Interpol’s label Matador Records’ website announced the bands unique plans – which they are calling Interpol Under Surveillance, saying:

“Interpol, in collaboration with David Lynch, Andi Watson, HPX and Wieden & Kennedy present a visual juxtaposition of the seen and the unseen. As the observer becomes the observed, the performance explores the deepening layers of covert surveillance, morphing data acquisition into visual beauty and questioning the fine line between the viewer and the voyeur.”

Not sure what most of that actually means, but it all sounds characteristically weighty and arty! The set will be broadcast live on YouTube at 3.30am Saturday morning (16 April) – so you’re in for a late night if you want to see it live!

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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