Intergalactic Parachuting: Music Video Gold!

If you’ve been keeping up with your intergalactic space parachuting you’ll know that Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner is planning to free fall from 120,000ft. This is basically free falling from the edge of space. It’s all impressive stuff, fraught with danger and super cool! If successful the attempt will break the previous height set by Colonel Joe Kittinger who jumped from just over 100,000ft in 1960. And it is footage of this jump that makes for one of the coolest music vids ever produced. Look see…

How groovy is that? Dayvan Cowboy by Boards Of Canada isn’t just a superb summer track, it’s also music video gold. The free fall footage contained within is actual shots of Colonel Joe’s stratospheric endeavours, which match the track beautifully. The surf shots are of another high achiever, Laird Hamilton, one of the world’s most prominent big wave surfers. The final shot of the video is taken from the 1973 surf film Crystal Voyager.

It makes you think what might go hand in hand with the Felix’s effort. Seeing as the new jump is being sponsored by Red Bull the potential is there for something extraordinary. Let’s face it, Red Bull aren’t averse to marrying footage of extreme physicality with oh-so-perfect beats. I imagine that in light of the Boards Of Canada video artists are lining up to get a grip on the film when it eventually arrives. Until then all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for Felix and hope that if his effort gets the music video treatment that is given equal reverence as shown to Kittinger’s images.

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Post Author: Luke Glassford

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