“Home” by Nick Jonas – Watch Official Music Video

Did someone say it’s time for the official music video for “Home”? It sounds so much like that with the song getting a nomination for 2018 Golden Globes.

Nick Jonas timed it to perfection. Official music video for “Home” is out now.

“Home” is the official soundtrack for the upcoming movie “Ferdinand”. The movie is set to be released tomorrow, on December 15th. I’m sure a lot of kids are going to watch this movie as soon as it comes out. With that in mind, Nick has timed the release of the official music video to perfection. Imagine everyone having seen the video goes to the movie. Then they come back and vote for Nick’s single for Golden Globes. How about that for timing?

“Home” is a feelgood song with a toe-tapping pop smash. It’s a perfect song to serve as the soundtrack for Ferdinand. The lyrics of this guitar-heavy song are easy to learn. Nick Jonas has rendered the vocals with absolute love. It’s just incredible how good this song is when it hits the ears. Imagine watching it now along with its official music video!

In the music video, you will see Nick Jonas in the middle of a bullring. As the video progresses, it starts using scenes from Ferdinand the movie. It’s beautifully done. Watch it below.

Watch Official Music Video “Home” by Nick Jonas

Post Author: David Watt