“Higher” by Sigma featuring Labrinth

Sigma has been making some great music. The drum & bass duo has now released video for track “Higher” hoping to hit #1 spot on the UK charts for the third time. The track will be released in Europe officially on March 22, 2015.

“Higher” is an uplifting track that makes use of heavy drums and bass. Labrinth’s vocals make it even more energetic and enjoyable. There is every chance that Sigma will continue with the success on UK music charts with this track. Sigma has already been to No.1 spot in the UK with “Nobody to Love” and “Changing”. Both these tracks hit the No.1 spot last year. Both these tracks along with the current release “Higher” will be included in Sigma’s debut album “Life” which will be in music stores later this year.

The video for “Higher” shows both Sigma and Labrinth on screen, taking a stroll in snowy mountains. Sigma boys will be stylizing the video with their snowboarding skills while Labrinth will be mostly walking through dead white forest.

Labrinth and Sigma combination sounds great. Sigma offers really deep bass and drums and Labrinth vocals compliment it the perfect way. The result is a ready-made radio hit. You can see it for yourself below. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Watch “Higher” by Sigma ft. Labrinth

Post Author: David Watt