“God Only Knows” covered by Pharrel, Lorde & others performed for BBC Music

BBC Music Launch became a rather famous event thanks to the cover of The Beach Boys track “God Only Knows” performed by Pharrell, Lorde & others. The track is a classic from The Beach Boys and has already millions of fans. BBC decided to cover this track with various artists which turned out to be a really good marketing trick. In the process, they have given us a really good cover of the classic track.

The artists that helped this cover include Lorde, Elton John, Pharrell, One Direction, Paloma, Sam Smith, and Kylie Minogue among others. The Beach Boys’s lead vocalist Brian Wilson also became a part of the long list of singers covering this song for BBC Music launch.

The track starts with Pharrell’s powerful vocals. He makes it look like he is coming down a slope when he kicks the song. Others join in and give the song its ‘star-studded’ voice.

If you watch the video, you will instantly fall in love with it, primarily due to old-Hollywood styled theme. The entire video backdrop has a theatrical setting that makes the video look larger than life with so many stars in midst of this fairytale setting that accompanies a complete orchestra. The good news is that all the proceeds from this track will go to charity so don’t forget to watch the video below and hit thumbs up for your friends to find it out.

Watch “God Only Knows” covered by Pharrell, Lorde & Others

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz