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Glastonbury Festival weather forecast – a few showers predicted

There’s still two weeks to go until the first day of performances at this years Glastonbury Festival, so the weather forecast shouldn’t be treated as gospel just yet.

That being said, AccuWeather’s long range weather predictor looks quite promising so it’s worth keeping an eye on from here on in (if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket of course!)

You can see the full forecast here, but to summarise:

Thursday 27 June – Could be a bit of rain in the morning, but for the most part it’ll be quite sunny with a maximum temperature of 18C.

Friday 28 June – A bit cloudier than Thursday with the risk of a shower or two. Again, a maximum temperature of 18C is expected.

Saturday 29 June – Getting a bit warmer – 19C the maximum – but higher risk of more showers

Sunday 30 June – I like the way AccuWeather have phrased this: ‘A blend of sun and clouds’. Maximum temperature of 19C with little to no chance of rain.

Monday 1 July – We should all be making our way home on a fairly depressing and overcast day – doesn’t look like rain just yet though, so at least we’ll be dry (touch wood).

As I say, treat the above with a pinch of salt. I’ll be updating the weather forecast as we get nearer to the festival kicking off.

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