How I Feel Flo Rida single

Single review: Flo Rida – ‘How I Feel’

Nina Simone was a great artist. But I think if she heard this adaptation of her song ‘Feelin’ Good’, so excellently covered by Muse, she might want to weep. Taking the musical riff and the chorus of the classic song and funking it up actually works well, but the overly familiar rapping of Flo Rida over the top of it just ruins the chunky, retro sound created by the producer.

My advice is to stick with the original or the Muse version, not this travesty of a remake that takes all that’s good about the original and adds some unnecessary, badly-written rapping on top that could be from any Flo Rida number. It’ll get your foot tapping though that doesn’t make it a great track.
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Post Author: Philip Lickley