My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things

Name: My Favourite Things
Genre: Indie
Bio: My Favourite Things is a band from Brooklyn. It got started by Dorothea Tachler. After playing and touring with many bands from the U.S., Germany and Japan, Dorothea moved to Brooklyn and started writing and recording her own songs. She got a little help from some old band mates, playing and singing there — Lali Puna’s front woman Valerie, or Swirlies’ brain and singer Damon Tutunjan, or Sean Meadows of June of ’44 and Lungfish. Dorothea created “My Favourite Things” as a solo project and released the debut album “rarara” in 2009. “Tomorrows Far Away” marks the second release from My Favourite Things and just got finished. A CD release is planned for January 2014. On that album, you can hear band mates and colleagues Daru Oda (Norah Jones), Michael Figgiani (Exeter Popes), Doug Scharin (Rex, Codeine, HIM, June of ’44) and Sean Meadows (Lungfish) to name a few.



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