Music: “Every Day Is A Holiday” By Katy Perry

Katy Perry has finally released the full version of her new song “Every Day Is A Holiday” and it’s in high quality. The track was released with the official commercial for the new Christmas campaign of H&M. The track is available on YouTube for streaming.

Katy Perry is the face of H&M for their Christmas clothing range. The Swedish firm has already worked with Beyonce for their Summer campaign a few years back. Beyonce used the brand’s advertisement to release a new song and that’s exactly what Katy is doing a few years later.

Katy Perry is a fairy for this commercial advertisement. She is going to host a huge magical Christmas party. The party set is all-white, covered with dancing elfs and kids who receive presents from everyone on the sets. You will also see a young dude getting topless and dancing on top of a car. The entire music video has a bizzare feel about it but still K has successfully turned it into a very cheesy Christmas video. It’s a strange yet wonderful Christmas world where everything has come to life, thanks to the wonderful music.

The track “Every Day Is A Holiday” has all the ingredients to become the festive song for the coming holidays. It feels good and brings a nice smile to your face, even when you are listening to audio only. Listen to “Every Day Is A Holiday” below.

Watch “Every Day Is A Holiday” by Katy Perry

Post Author: David Watt