Emerging Artist Dany Boy Music Video for “Backpage.com”

Dany Boy is an emerging rapper who is different from your average rapper in so many ways. He made some bad decisions in life and had to face serious consequences for them. Unlike an average rapper, Dany Boy never had that fulfilling life which means he didn’t have everything that a kid could want while growing up and learning his trade. The bad decisions he made resulted in bad friends and threw away the money for flashy cars and women. Bad just like it never does, it didn’t last for Dany Boy for long. But there is more to Dany Boy than someone who has f**d up his life – Dany Boy resurrected himself entirely as soon as he realized that he was meant to do something ‘big’ in life and was meant to be ‘somebody’.  Meet the all new Dany Boy with his first single “Backpage.com”. You can listen to audio below.

Dany Boy is from Immokalee, FL. His latest single was inspired from real life events that happened back in his hometown involving one of his friends. Dany has also released a video for his debut single. You can watch the video below.

Watch “Backpage.com” by Dany Boy

Dany Boy is working on his upcoming mixtape FastLane. This mixtape will take us back to his rash and out of control life through music. It will be story of a journey of a boy who lost his control over his life. Everyone can learn something from Dany Boy’s life and musical explorations that changed his life.

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Post Author: David Watt