Drax Project Version Of, “Woke Up Late” Featuring Hailee Steinfeld. Stream Here:

You like the previous version? You are gonna love this one too.

The Pop and R&B music group from NewZealand which is known as, “Drax Project” has teamed up with the American actress, singer and songwriter, “Hailee Steinfeld”. They have shared a re-recorded(remix) version the song, “Woke Up Late”.

Originally, the song, “Woke Up Late” was released back in November 2018. It was included in the pop group’s fourth EP, “Noon”. Woke Up Late did great for the band and is one of their hit songs. So, I know the reason behind re-recording the song. LOL!

What has this new version brought with it? Hailee’s vocals for sure. I like the song overall, I like the production, It is a lovely anthem but I love the HAILEE STIENFELD’s part. It has just added up in the joy of the song.

Listen to the Drax Project and Hailee Steinfeld’s collaboration, “Woke Up Late”:

Drax Project’s members shared their views about the collaboration with Hailee Steinfeld. They Said, “We’re all huge big fans of ‘Starving’ and ‘Let Me Go,’ so were beyond stoked to get Hailee on song! She absolutely kills it in movies and in music. We feel like having her vocals take both the sonics and the feel of the song to another level.”

Post Author: David Watt