Rihanna-drake kiss

Drake and Rihanna Finally Kiss on Stage

With things getting really hot between Drake and Rihanna recently, there is hardly any doubt that both have kissed each other several times, although not in front of the camera so far. This hasn’t kept the media and the fans from talking about the couple as social media gets several gossip news and opinions about these stars.

But now everyone can safely gossip about the couple and the love that they have for each other. They have finally kissed each other on the lips. Surprisingly, they choose the stage to do this when both were performing in Miami during Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” tour. All this happened on August 31st in a flash.

All this happened after Rihanna performed “Bith Better Have My Money” at the concert in a lingerie dress. As soon as her performance came to an end, Drake moved forward and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t show any hesitation and leant herself forward. The audience went bizarre, making as much noise as much they could. After all, the new love affair received its certification right in front of them. They had every reason to go nuts.


Post Author: David Watt