Did Adele steal music for her ballad from late Kurdish singer?

Fans of late Kurdish singer Ahmet Kaya have blamed Adele for stealing music from the Kurdish singer for her latest ballad “Million Years Ago”.

The song “Million Years Ago” is included in Adele’s latest studio album ’25’. The song is about being famous and being alone as a result. The fans of Kurdish singer have claimed that this track has striking similarities with Ahmet Kaya’s 1985 ballad “Acilara Tutunmak”.

Ahmet Kaya was a popular Kurdish singer from Turkey who died in 2000. She spend her last years in exile in Paris. Her fans spoke out on social media after listening to Adele’s track. Her fans were disappointed that a singer of Adele’s stature would end up plagiarizing music. They never expected from Adele and were clearly disappointed. A Turkish newspaper was quick to call it a ‘theft’ if Adele copied the music consciously.

There is no comment from Adele or her spokesperson on this news as of now so you’re the only judge. Listen to both the tracks below in a fan-made mashup and see if you agree with the Kurdish singer’s fans. Meanwhile, we will keep our fingers crossed until Adele takes a notice and releases her official reply on this news.

Post Author: David Watt