Crowd made Justin go off the stage after tossing the mic

Justin Bieber has some serious issues with screaming and booing which he perpetuated during his UK tour. A few days ago Justin asked the crowd to stop with the obnoxious screaming. The crowd didn’t like it then, and now he stormed off the stage for the same reason; the crowd was screaming and booing.

I think Justin must understand the star-fan dynamics because screaming is to show how ecstatic you’re to see your favorite artist on the stage.

Justin had a show in Manchester on 23rd October 2016 where he left the stage after tossing off the microphone. According to BBC, Justin at first told the crowd, “I appreciate all the support, I appreciate love, I appreciate the kind things. But, screaming in these breaks must stop.”

Though his effort failed him and the crowd did more screaming and booing in response. It made him fierce and he walked off the stage.

He tried to explain himself later when he came back to the stage: “I don’t know why you guys came tonight. I hope it’s to enjoy my company as well as letting me enjoy your company. I want to connect with you.”

The crowd made him a wretched person of the night by not listening to him and booing louder. Later he decided not to talk with the crowd and just perform the music. It was evident that his “speech” didn’t do him any good.

Watch the video of Bieber’s mic tossing


Post Author: David Watt