bushmills headphones

How cool are these wooden headphones?

When you’re looking for your next pair of headphones, I’m pretty sure a wooden pair won’t be top of your agenda. But what if they looked as cool as the above pair?

They were made by Grado Headphones in association with Irish Whiskey brand Bushmills – and are of course made from whiskey barrel wood!

The headphones are hand-built by Grado and as well as the wood from whiskey barrels are completed with a leather headband for a natural and distinctive look. They retailed at £240 when they went on sale, but you’ll be lucky to get your hands on them as they sold out in one day.

Bushmills got Hollywood actor and music fan/record label owner Elijah Wood and his friend Zach Cowie involved in the design and manufacture of the headphones.

Watch the video featuring Elijah and Zach below:

Post Author: Harvey Dyer