Ciara Makes A Comeback With “Level Up” – Watch The Music Video

Ciara Never settles for less than she deserves, Cici is back! Watch the dance number “Level up”

So, Ciara is back with a bang! Since her 2015 album, this time she is not dropping a single, she is actually leveling up her single with “Level up”. It’s a kind of groovy and dancing track that is surely going be in every playlist at least for this summer.

She is a dancing sensation and shows her dance showcase with epic proportions along with the army of dancers.  You will see a number of Ciaras dancing on a catchy beat all around the floor.

Before you try any of these moves alone or with your friends there’s a thing to notice that this music video is choreographed by legendary “Parris Goebel” you can give it a try now.

Now get to the other side, the song may sound little bit “okay” a bit of “outdated” but still not that bad. But when it comes to the video of this track, it takes the song to its superiority, the video is simply fire.

I personally prefer not to just listen but watch the music video as well. She has just premiered this item number dancing track on YouTube this Wednesday morning, so kind of her. She is an amazing performer, the video has a low budget but the fashion sense, choreography has made it exceptional product in the end.

You will love every bit of music and choreography. I must prefer you to watch this video when you are not in middle of something because you will be forced to shift yourself to the dancing floor along with the Ciara and her requested dancing crew.

Don’t try these moves at home without safety measures, and you know what’s next yes! that I am going to tell you that the people in this video are highly professional and its not an easy profession.

Watch “Level Up” Music Video by Ciara

Post Author: David Watt