Dark Sunglasses

Single review: Chrissie Hynde – ‘Dark Sunglasses’

Having gone solo many years ago from her time in the Pretenders, Hynde returns with a new solo piece.

‘Dark Sunglasses’ is a simple, ultimately quite straight forward indie rock number with Hynde’s distinctive, listenable voice acting as the central piece of the record. The chorus is a definite grower, proving by the end to have some earworm qualities, and the simple guitar sound wins you over.

Not a remarkable comeback but enough to peak your interest.

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‘Dark Sunglasses’ is taken from Chrissie Hynde’s upcoming solo album Stockholm (out 10 June) – although she has said she doesn’t feel like it is a solo album:

“It’s the first album with my name on it but it’s not a solo album. In fact, making this album was more of a collaboration than any Pretenders album ever was.

The album features collaborations with Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John as well as Neil Young, John McEnroe and Joakim Ahlund from Caesars.

Post Author: Philip Lickley