Charli XCX sings “Boom Clap” and “Break The Rules” in Japanese

Charli XCX is enjoying Japan. She was there to shoot new video for her hit track “Boom Clap” and now she is singing songs in Japanese to prepare for a massive launch of her next album in Japan. With what she has been doing in Japan in last six months, there is every chance that Charli will explode this market like no other. She will be releasing her third studio album titled “Sucker” in Japan on February 18th through Warner Music. The strategy being followed by the label and the artist is definitely going to ensure that this album turns out to be a massive hit in the Asian country.

Charli isn’t just singing her hit tracks in Japanese but she will also be including these English-turned-Japanese tracks in “Sucker” for Charli’s Japanese fans, whom she calls her ‘angels’. I don’t think so a Western artist did this sort of thing in the last decade. So it is a risk in some way but can be a highly rewarding one in so many ways for Charli as well as for her label.

Both the tracks done in Japanese are done 100% by Charli without any assistance from Japanese artists. Warner Bros is doing a great job with the track by posting long snippets on YouTube accounts. These snippets are getting really good views which means Japanese ‘angels’ are loving Charli at the moment. Only time will tell if Charli can turn this success into a massive album hit in the Asian market.

Watch Charli XCX sing “Boom Clap” in Japanese

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz