Charli XCX

Charli XCX Delivers a Mesmerizing Debut SNL Performance

The SNL performances are just getting hotter as we get closer to the holiday season. Charlie XCX was on Saturday Night Live this saturday and to be honest she was amazing. She performed hit track “Boom Clap” and followed it with another banger “Break The Rules“. Both tracks are already popular with the audience and there is every reason that Charli fans should check out these performances.

Charli was dressed in silk ensemble for the performances. Her sparky shoes looked just about perfect for the stage. She was accompanied by all-girls band. The band did really well as they were to deliver sspot-on redention of Charli’s hit singles. Charli made a comeback appearance on stage later in the show but this time she was wearing bell bottoms. She performed another anthem on her stage comeback while serving up a lot of hip thrusts and showing her sexy side for the fans.

This was Charli’s debut performances on SNL and she did really great, whether you take only the performances and butt moves or consider the powerful vocals. Both the cuts she performed from her upcoming collection were mesmerizing, teasing fans to get impatient for the Tuesday. But if you’re just overly curious, you can listen to both these cuts on iTunes Radio.

Post Author: David Watt