Carly Rae Jepsen Releases Making Of “Cut To The Feeling” Song Video

If you have seen the animated movie ‘Leap/Balleria’, you must be familiar with the song ‘Cut To The Feeling’ that has taken the social media by storm. Whether you are a Carly Jepsen fan or not, ‘Cut To The Feeling’ will definitely make you fall for her.

The English singer released a music video of Cut To The Feeling on Vevo to keep her fans engaged after a long time. What makes this song different from the rest of her production is her ecstatic voice and the beautiful lyrics.

We can all relate to Carly when she starts her song with “I have been denying how I feel, you’ve been denying what you want”. “I wanna play where you play, with the angels,” she sighs. “I wanna wake up with you all in tangles, oh.” The song is about having dreams in life and fulfilling them.

Of Jepsen’s Previous Records

Carly Rae Jepsen was one of the most popular internet sensation due to her last music album Emotion. Breaking all the records, Emotion became the talk of the town within days. Though it was not as good as her previous album Kiss it still had its own records.

No wonder why Twitter is going all gaga over this new music video. Click on the link below and watch the video

Post Author: David Watt