Cardi B gives us an iconic album cover

Cardi B has announced the release date for her debut album. It’s going to come out on April 6. This much-anticipated music album is her debut full-length album. She not only gave us the final release date of the album but she also announced its title and gave us a beautiful art cover for the album as well.

The album is titled “Invasion of Privacy”. According to the current release date, the album will hit the market next Friday. The album will come out via Atlantic Records.

It’s a big day for Cardi B’s fans. She also gave them the artwork for album, which is simply brilliant. It’s a colorful picture where you see Cardi B making a funny face and donning fashionable sunglasses. She is wearing a yellow short wig and a nice jacket. She is in a blue-walled room, sitting on a one-person couch. It all looks super colorful and I’m totally loving it. The photographer who did this shoot definitely deserves a lot of appreciation for bringing out the best of Cardi in this artwork.

Another big news for the fans of Cardi B is that she will give us a a new music video on Friday along with her album. Does that mean that Cardi will be giving video treatment to “Bartier Cardi”? That’s what fans have been asking ever since the song came out. I’m sure this Friday, they are going to see all their wishes coming true. In addition to this music video, you will also see more music videos from Cardi in the coming few months. She has already told her fans that she has shot three more videos. However, she didn’t reveal any more news about these videos.


Post Author: David Watt