Camila Cabello Has Announced Her Solo Single + Cover Art

Camila Cabello has just announced her debut solo single. It’s titled “Crying In The Club”. Not only that, but Camila (former Fifth Harmony star) has also released the official art cover of her new solo single. This cover art shows half-faced Camila. Her eyes have emotions and they are overflowing onto her cheecks. I’m sure a lot of people will look at it differently. But no matter how you look at it, it’s a powerful cover and I’m sure Camila will get critical appreciation for this cover.

To give her fans a real treat, Camila Cabello uploaded this new art cover to all social networks. Her fans, no matter what network they are using to follow their favorite singer, got the cover all at the same time.

Although this art cover has some awesome art that could impress any one, there is more to it. Look closer, zoom in. You will notice something more. You can read lyrics of her upcoming song on the cover art. Now that’s something aesome. I’m sure some of the fans would be able to decipher these lyrics and put online for other fans.


Post Author: David Watt